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The OSU Portland Center serves as a hub for students and academics, as well Oregon State faculty, staff, alumni and community partners.  As such, we are mindful of space use in order to serve all interests.  We have developed the following policy to support both students and non-academic usage.

All scheduling for classes, meetings, and events is performed by the OSU Portland operations team.  Please ensure that all classes, meetings and events are scheduled.  This will ensure that you have the support needed and proper signage and direction is given to students and visitors in the building.  Scheduling through the appropriate channels will also help us keep accurate end-of- year reports, which is important to the growth of the OSU Portland Center.  If there is a question about availability or room accommodations, please direct questions to [email protected]

All classroom requests to serve students and CRN classes must be submitted by each academic unit to Ecampus each term.  Prior to scheduling, Ecampus must approve the program for delivery at the Portland Center. Please contact [email protected] or Shannon Riggs at [email protected].  Once Ecampus receives all CRN requests, they will work directly with the OSU Portland Center to assign space and you will receive a confirmation of classroom space. The OSU Portland Center holds four total classrooms and serves all academic units.  In the event there are competing requests creating a scheduling overage, we may ask for flexibility on dates and times.

All requests for meeting and event space will be received on a first come, first served basis with the understanding that there may be times where we have competing priorities requiring flexibility in space or timing.  We will do our best to accommodate all requests, but may ask for alternative spaces and times when warranted at the discretion of the OSU Portland Center operations team. 


All event spaces for internal and external clients can be requested by using the OSU Portland Space Use Request survey found on our website here. Once requested, the OSU Portland Center operations team will be in touch to confirm and discuss next steps.

For reference, you will find a map of the OSU Portland Center with identifiable spaces here.

The OSU Portland Center may terminate a space rental agreement upon 15 days' written notice, to accommodate any facilities renovation or remodeling. The OSU Portland Center further reserves the right to terminate a space rental agreement at any time upon 30 days' written notice.

If a customer wishes to terminate a space rental agreement after it has been fully executed, the client may cancel the agreement up to 7 days prior to the event date and the client will not pay a cancellation fee. If the notice is less than 7 days prior to the event date, the OSU clients will pay a cancellation fee in the amount of $65/reservation and all other partners will pay 30% of the room fee or $65, whichever is greater.

We do our best to accommodate any last-minute changes and requests, however, these should not be a common occurrence.  Each time a last-minute request or change is made additional notifications must be sent to all involved parties, new signage must be created, etc.  While we understand that these types of requests are inevitable, we do ask that you plan appropriately in order to avoid these as much as possible.

Please make sure the meeting and event title that you list on the space use request is accurate.  It is important that we have the same title that is given to attendees in order to direct them to the correct location.  If at any time you need to update this information, please do so in a timely manner by contacting us at [email protected]

The OSU Portland Center is available to host you Monday – Friday, 8:00am – 9:00pm and Saturday – Sunday, 8:00am – 9:00pm with an additional weekend fee.  When booking your meeting or event with the OSU Portland Center, you will be able to add any additional support needs such as catering, technology, room set-up, etcetera.  The Portland Center operations team provides the following services upon room booking:

  • Room set-up and break down as per your booking specifications
  • Catering coordination; staffing to receive, setup and remove your catering
  • IT and AV needs; staffing when appropriate

For additional event support beyond those listed above, OSU Conference Services may be contacted.  OSU Conference Services is able to provide comprehensive planning, consultative, budgetary, and overall logistical support from beginning to end for all event needs.

Alcohol consumption is not permitted at the OSU Portland Center except at approved and permitted events. All requests for alcohol service at the OSU Portland Center must be submitted and approved through Risk Management. Please read and review the Alcohol Service Registration policy and registration.

In addition to the policies of the building, all faculty, staff and students are required to adhere to the Oregon State University Rules of Conduct and all university policies in regard to alcohol consumption will be enforced.

Alcohol Service Registration

All rooms at the OSU Portland Center must be scheduled in advance.  Our space is used for classes, meetings, and events and the rooms are regularly being changed over to accommodate the next item on the schedule.  With this, it is important to remember that you must vacate the room as soon as possible once your scheduled time has ended.  Please remind your faculty and students about vacating promptly and leaving the room set up as found.    

With the continual movement of classes and events throughout the center, it is important that we keep our spaces as clean as possible.  It is necessary that faculty, staff, and students remember to clean up after their own classes and events.  By doing this, you help ensure that a clean environment is left for the class or event that is following yours. 

OSU CRN classes scheduled at the OSU Portland Center incur no fees.


For meetings and events at the OSU Portland Center, you can find the fee schedule here.  Room rental rates are based on the hosting organization; OSU/OUS/State/Municipal Agency, Non-profit and Corporate.

The OSU Portland Center requires an internal OSU designee from the sponsoring department to be onsite and responsible for external client events.  OSU designee responsibilities to include:

  • Gathering all room set up, catering, IT/AV needs and other logistical information and communicating it to the OSU Portland Center operations team at time of reservation request
  • Being onsite for the duration of the event, including setup and vacate time, to be point of contact for both the client and the OSU Portland Center operations team in the event any issues or last minute needs arise
  • Ensuring all attendees remain in compliance with all OSU and building policies
  • Acting as liaison for remittance of payment when warranted and ensuring invoices are paid

If you have questions about this policy or need help deciding your department’s involvement in an event, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Voucher funds are valid for meetings and events held at the OSU Portland Center. Voucher funds in the amount of $6000 are allocated each fiscal year to divisions, offices and colleges. All funds must be used within the fiscal year in which they are allocated. Funds not used within the fiscal year will be forfeited and do not roll over to the next year. Each department must appoint a designee to approve all voucher fee usage.

Room rental fees can be paid using voucher funds. Approval must be provided by the department designee to pay for room rental fees using their voucher prior to the event date. Additional fees cannot be paid by voucher funds and must be paid by index or other means. These fees include but are not limited to AV rentals, weekend fees, additional staffing options, etc.

Portland Center Voucher Request

Failure to comply with the OSU Portland Center space scheduling policy; space usage, sponsorship and appointing designees and remittance of payment, will result in the following:

  • First notice:  Written notice with an ask for resolve
  • Second notice:  Second written warning of discontinuation of space use and ask for written plan to resolve
  • Third notice:  Discontinued use of OSU Portland Center spaces for future meetings and events

Thank you for your continued effort to follow our policies.  Please contact the OSU Portland Center’s operations director, Sara Knott, at [email protected] with any questions or comments.