A variety of services and resources are available to our OSU community at the Portland Center.  Utilize the links below to learn more.

OSU Portland Center Operations - (503) 273-4301 – [email protected]

Sara Knott
Portland Operations Director
(503) 273-4314
[email protected]

Ryan Johnson
Portland Office Administrator & Scheduling Coordinator
(503) 273-4323
[email protected]

Albert Le
Portland Information Technology Consultant
(503) 273-4315
[email protected]

Victoria Torregrosa
Community Conference Services and Social Media Manager
(503) 273-4319
[email protected]

OSU Foundation and Alumni Association – (503) 273-4401 – [email protected]

Meier & Frank Front Desk/Security Services – (503) 983-8215

Oregon State University is committed to creating and sustaining a diverse environment that is both equitable and inclusive by making the university accessible to people with disabilities. One of Oregon State’s core values is that we believe that diversity is a key to success. And we regard our commitment to providing optimal accessibility as central to OSU’s goal of being one of the nation’s premier land grant universities. We recognize that the university’s overall success requires that people with disabilities are full members of Oregon State’s educational community.

Comprehensive information on OSU Accessibility can be found here.

The OSU Portland Center and the Meier & Frank building policy on service animals:

In compliance with applicable law, OSU allows service animals in its buildings, classrooms, meetings, recreational facilities, activities, and events when the animal is accompanied by an individual with a disability who indicates the service animal is trained to provide, and does provide, a specific service to them that is directly related to their disability.

Emotional Support Animals:

The OSU Portland Center will allow emotional support animals if pre-registered.  The form to pre-register an emotional support animal can be found here. 

Prohibited Items
Due to the historic and professional nature of the building, the following items are prohibited from use in the Meier & Frank Building:

Household Appliances:  Microwaves and coffee makers with automatic timers are the only approved appliances for use in the building. 
Extension Cords:  Extension cords are not permitted in the building except for temporary use.  All desks and workstations needing additional outlets must use power strips provided by OSU.
Candles:  Due to fire hazard, only flameless candles are permitted for use in the building.
Tape, Nails and Screws:  Use of tape, nails or screws on the walls, tables or other furniture is prohibited.  If you would like to hang something on a wall, please see operations team for approved hardware.
Pets:  Due to Meier & Frank building policy, pets are prohibited within the university space.

Security Personnel
A security guard is on duty for all open building hours to ensure the safety of all faculty, staff and students in the building.  They are located at the desk inside the Morrison Street entrance on the first floor or are on regular patrols throughout the facility.  Should you have a security issue that needs to be addressed, call 503-983-8215.

Emergency Evacuations
In the case of an emergency evacuation, the assembly area for all building occupants is across Morrison and 6
th Streets, in the Pioneer Courthouse Square.  Assembling at that location will ensure that everyone is out of the way of emergency equipment and allow for and accounting of all building occupants.  There are building-specific evacuation maps posted at entry and exit doors.

There are one or more OSU employees who are responsible for ensuring that all OSU faculty, staff and students are out of the building in the case of an emergency.  Instructors will be responsible for ensuring their students make a safe exit.

First Aid
First aid kits are located on every OSU accessible floor in the following locations (some floors have more than one):

  • Level A Basement
  • First Floor
  • Second Floor

First aid for minor scrapes, cuts and abrasions should be self-administered. Any injury requiring more than a band-aid should be reported to your supervisor, instructor or the Operations Director.

An AED device is wall mounted in the second floor main lobby next to the elevators. Use of such equipment should only be performed by the designated OSU employee who has been properly trained in CPR and emergency situations.

In the event of a fire or other hazardous event, a high-pitched horn will sound throughout the facility.  When you hear this sound, evacuate through the nearest exit and make your way to the designated assembly area.

In the event of an immediate or life-threatening emergency, please locate the nearest phone and call 911.

Inclement Weather
The OSU Portland Center operations team will be monitoring weather forecasts, weather changes as they occur, and regional closures to notify you via the OSU Portland Center email account of any closures or changes in the center’s hours of operation.  Every effort will be made to communicate a closure or change in hours of operation well in advance.  Employees located in the Portland region – or traveling to Portland from the Corvallis campus -  are encouraged to also check the front page of the OSU Portland Center website for inclement weather notices. 

OSU Portland Center Emergency Operations Plan 
Our full Emergency can be found here.

Find information below on other support resources at Oregon State, including access to lactation rooms, recreational facilities and services for disabilities.

Child Care Resources
OSU students and employees can access Care.com without a membership fee. Visit care.com/osu to create an account with your ONID e-mail address. The Family Resource Center can consult with you about child care services in Portland, as needed. Reach the FRC at (541) 737-4906.

Ecampus Student Services
As a Portland student, you have access to a broad range of Ecampus services. The Ecampus Student Services team can help you effectively navigate your student experience at Oregon State and support your academic success by providing assistance with change of major forms, overrides, student account issues, registration concerns, academic petition process, tuition refund appeals and facilitation of instructor-student issues, Contact us at (800) 667-1465 (option #1) or [email protected] (Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.).

Financial Aid
The Office of Financial Aid can be reached by at (541) 737-2247 (Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., with the exception of Wednesday from 8 to 10 a.m.) or [email protected]. Visit the Contact Us page for additional details on visiting the office in person. The website also provides information on the application process, accepting awards and maintaining eligibility.

Housing and Food Insecurity Resources

The 211 portal connects visitors to a broad range of resources ranging from utilities support to crisis services that are available locally. The Partners for a Hunger-Free Oregon website includes a broad range of information on locating food assistance, including details on SNAP and local food pantries. Located in Portland, Janus Youth Programs provides services to homeless youth up to age 24, and Portland Homeless Family Solutions offers rent assistance, temporary shelter and other services to families experiencing housing insecurity.

Lactation Support
The OSU Portland Center offers two wellness rooms that can be used for lactation purposes. These rooms include a sink and refrigerator. Visit the front desk if you have trouble accessing the rooms, or contact OSU Portland Center operations at (503) 273-4301.

Military & Veteran Resources
Military & Veteran Resources provides important information and support services for veterans across the state and beyond, including the locations of Vet Centers, community-based clinics for veterans and county services. For additional information, contact (541) 737-7662 or [email protected].

Services for Students with Disabilities
Disability Access Services serves all Oregon State University students with documented disabilities. Students must register with DAS each term so needs can be accommodated. DAS will make sure the courses in which students are registered are accessible and they will notify instructors of any unique needs. Visit the DAS website for information about available services and student rights, including specific information for OSU's online students. To speak to someone from the Ecampus student services team, call (800) 667-1465 (option #1).

Student Care Team
The Student Care team located in the Office of Student Life assists students when unexpected life events and personal crises arise. The team can help students access referrals for personal matters and emergencies, understand policies and procedures, and problem solve within the OSU community. For assistance, complete the inquiry form or call (541) 737-8748.  

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