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The purpose of this document is to outline the criteria and organizational policy for the assignment of office space to employees of the OSU Portland Center.

This policy applies to all faculty, staff, instructors, graduate assistants/associates, and student employees at the OSU Portland Center who are currently employed with OSU and need office space at the OSU Portland Center assigned to them in order to perform the required duties of their position.  

  • The authority to allocate and reallocate office space within the OSU Portland Center ultimately resides with the Portland Administrators and the Portland Operations Director or their designee.  
  • All faculty, staff, and student employees will be provided with a suitable working environment for the type of work they perform at the OSU Portland Center.
  • Office space is university property that will be allocated, as available, in a manner that best advances OSU and OSU Portland Center priorities. No unit/department “owns” the space that has been allocated to it.  
  • Office space should be deployed in the most efficient and effective manner to best serve programmatic and strategic goals.  
  • Office space may be allocated to more than one unit/department at which point the unit/departments are responsible for collaborating to define the needs of each unit/department and schedule office hours as appropriate.  
  • Shared office and open office arrangements are encouraged whenever possible to efficiently use limited space.  
  • Office space that has been allocated to a unit/department can be reassigned to another unit/department in response to university needs and priorities.  
  • Private office space is available only to employees who engage in onsite, Portland-Center based work over 20 hours per week.  Employees who work at the center less than 20 hours per week are eligible for an assigned open space desk, and will have access to conference rooms when private workspace is necessary.  
  • In the event of an office reassignment, staff and faculty will get no less than 14 days written notice and operations staff will be scheduled and assigned to assist.
  • Should a unit/department deem their assigned office space to be inadequate due to changes in staffing or the space does not substantially meet the functional needs, the unit/department will work with the Portland Operations Director to review requests and consider alternative space options.  
  • Individual faculty, staff, graduate assistants/research assistants, or student employees may not be assigned or occupy more than one office space.  
  • Office assignments or reassignments for individuals will be coordinated through the employee’s direct supervisor in conjunction with the Portland Operations Director.  
  • Office space may not be assigned to non-campus organizations without prior approval from the Portland Administrators and will not have priority over internal office space needs.  
  • OSU Portland Center teaching faculty members are assigned a shared faculty office by their unit/department in coordination with Portland’s Operations Director on a term-by-term basis.  
  • Shared office space hours are assigned equitably and based upon their instruction and class schedules.  
  • Current faculty members may schedule additional office hours in one of Portland’s two reservable vacant offices.