This guide was created by OSU Portland to help faculty, staff and students become acquainted with the OSU Portland Center. We are committed to providing an effective and engaging learning environment and opportunities to connect and communicate outside of the classroom. We encourage you to take advantage of these opportunities as they arise in the form of lectures, trainings, socials, or other events and invite you to reach out with any questions or comments about your experience. We hope that you enjoy your time here and wish you a great year!

For information regarding specific issues, please use the appropriate contacts below.

OSU Portland Center Operations - (503) 273-4301 –


Sara Knott
Portland Operations Manager
(503) 273-4314

Ryan Johnson
Portland Office Administrator
(503) 273-4303

Student Operations Assistants
(503) 273-4304 and

Albert Le
Portland Equipment Support Specialist
(503) 273-4315

Student Support Technicians
(503) 273-4315

OSU Foundation and Alumni Association – (503) 273-4401 –
Tricia Fairman
Office Administration / Executive Assistant
(503) 273-4430

Meier & Frank Front Desk/Security Services – (503) 983-8215

The Meier & Frank entrance is at 555 SW Morrison Street and open from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.  OSU Portland Center hours are 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., but may vary depending on events and/or classes in the building.  Outside of the posted hours, an OSU ID card with programmed access is required to enter the building.  You will need to swipe at the exterior set of doors on the street, as well as the interior set of doors and the elevator to get to OSU’s 2nd floor space.

ID Cards
All Oregon State University faculty, staff and students are required to have a valid OSU ID card.  Cards are issued through the OSU ID Center and can be issued for Portland-based faculty, staff and students by using the “upload a photo” option on their website and having them emailed to Sara Knott’s attention at


Once you receive your OSU ID card, you must complete online surveys to gain access to the Meier & Frank building. 

  • Faculty and staff, your ID card will activate and grant you access to the OSU Portland Center by completing this survey: Faculty & Staff Survey
  • Students, your ID Card will activate and grant you access to the OSU Portland Center by completing this survey:  Student Survey

If you misplace your ID card, please notify OSU Portland Center operations staff immediately so the card can be deactivated. The replacement fee for a lost ID is $25.00 and must be obtained through the OSU ID Center. 

Passenger elevators to the OSU Portland Center are located inside the Morrison Street entrance for standard use and are accessible during regular building hours.  Outside of regular building hours, elevators can be accessed via OSU ID card.  Access through the elevator is limited to the A level basement, first and second floors.

Stairwells in the building provide emergency egress to the street level from all floors.  The stairwells are secured on every floor, not permitting floor-to-floor access with exception to the basement amenities.

The heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) system of this building is programmed to provide optimal energy efficiency.  To achieve this efficiency, it is somewhat cooler on cold days and somewhat warmer on hot days.  While the facilities team works hard to keep the temperature inside the building at an optimal level, it is advised that occupants plan ahead and wear or bring appropriate attire on days when extreme temperature is expected.

Due to the historic nature of the Meier & Frank building, all windows must remain closed at all times.  If you experience heating or cooling issues, please contact the operations team to resolve.

Custodial services are provided for the building each day.  Any deficiencies in appearance or service should be brought to the attention of the Operations Manager.  Although cleaning services are provided, faculty, staff and students are still required to clean up after themselves and dispose of trash in the proper containers.

There are community lockers for faculty and staff located in community areas.  Please see posted instructions for information on usage.

Students have lockers available in the A level basement bicycle storage area.

Wellness Rooms
There are two wellness rooms located near the restrooms in the North end of the building,

Fitness Center
The Fitness Center is located in the A level basement. The Fitness Center provides a plethora of equipment, unlimited group exercise classes and a personal locker with a laundry service which costs $30/month.  Email any questions to

Fitness Center Enrollment

Building Tenants
As an office building, the Meier & Frank Building is shared with other professional firms and organizations.  Respect and courtesy to other building tenants when using common areas such as the first floor, elevators and bicycle storage is expected from all faculty, staff and students.

Prohibited Items
Due to the historic and professional nature of the building, the following items are prohibited from use in the Meier & Frank Building:

Household Appliances:  Microwaves and coffee makers with automatic timers are the only approved appliances for use in the building. 
Extension Cords:  Extension cords are not permitted in the building except for temporary use.  All desks and workstations needing additional outlets must use power strips provided by OSU.
Candles:  Due to fire hazard, only flameless candles are permitted for use in the building.
Tape, Nails and Screws:  Use of tape, nails or screws on the walls, tables or other furniture is prohibited.  If you would like to hang something on a wall, please see Operations Manager for approved hardware.
Pets:  Due to the professional nature of the building and the risk of allergic reaction, pets are prohibited within the university space.

Security Personnel
Security is contracted through a firm on behalf of the building.  A security guard is on duty for all open building hours to ensure the safety of all faculty, staff and students in the building.  They are located at the desk inside the Morrison Street entrance on the first floor or are on regular patrols throughout the facility.  Should you have a security issue that needs to be addressed, call 503-983-8215

Emergency Evacuations
In the case of an emergency evacuation, the assembly area for all building occupants is across Morrison and 6th Streets, in the Pioneer Courthouse Square.  Assembling at that location will ensure that everyone is out of the way of emergency equipment and allow for an accounting of all building occupants.  There are building-specific evacuation maps posted at entry and exit doors.

There are one or more OSU employees who are responsible for ensuring that all OSU faculty, staff and students are out of the building in the case of an emergency.  Instructors will be responsible for ensuring their students make a safe exit.

First Aid
First aid kits are located on every OSU accessible floor in the following locations (some floors have more than one):

  • Level A Basement
  • First Floor
  • Second Floor

First aid for minor scrapes, cuts and abrasions should be self-administered. Any injury requiring more than a band-aid should be reported to your supervisor, instructor or the Operations Manager.

An AED device is located in Suite 2200. Use of such equipment should only be performed by the designated OSU employee who has been properly trained in CPR and emergency situations.

In the event of a fire or other hazardous event, a high-pitched horn will sound throughout the facility.  When you hear this sound, evacuate through the nearest exit and make your way to the designated assembly area.

In the event of an immediate or life-threatening emergency, please locate the nearest phone and call 911.

Inclement Weather
During inclement weather, the OSU Portland Center follows all Portland State University (PSU) closures.  Although every effort will be made to communicate any closures with faculty, staff and students, it is required that each individual check the front page of the PSU website located at for closure notices.

There are numerous pay lots in the surrounding area, as well as metered street parking available for use by faculty, staff and students.  We recommend the following garages:

City Center Parking

Entrance on Broadway at corner of Stark

Union Bank Building

707 SW Washington Street

Smart Park

On Alder between 6th and Broadway

610 Southwest 3rd Avenue

Smart Park

On Park St, under O’Bryant Square

808 SW Stark Street

City Center Parking

315 SW 5th Avenue


City Center Parking
950 SW Washington Street


Central Parking Systems

342 SW 4th Avenue


Broadway Parking Garage
632 SW Pine Street


Loading Dock
The loading dock is located on Alder Street and available for loading and unloading materials.  Please see the operations team in order to schedule a delivery and gain access to the freight elevator.  Parking at the loading dock is restricted to the time it takes to complete the task and should not exceed 30 minutes without prior approval from the facilities staff.  Vehicles violating this requirement may be subject to tow at the vehicle owner’s expense.

Accessibility to the Meier & Frank building via public transportation is convenient and highly encouraged.  There are several MAXS stops within a one block radius. Additional bus lines are also located in close proximity.  To view a schedule of public transportation available in the area, please visit

A bicycle storage area is located in the A level basement of the building and is available to all faculty, staff and students, as well as other building tenants.  Please see the Operations Manager for waiver forms which must be completed prior to gaining access.  The entrance on Alder Street is the only entrance that may be used when bringing bicycles into the A level basement, and it is accessible via OSU ID card access.  Once through this entrance, riders may utilize the ramp to transport their bicycles down the stairs to the bicycle storage area.  At no time should bicycles be stored overnight or for an extended period of time.

Bicycles are not permitted to be brought in through any other entrances and are not permitted on any floor above the basement.  Bicycle shoes are not permitted on any floor above the basement due to the damage they can potentially cause the floors.  Please remove these shoes prior to exiting the basement.

Print Services

PC Intructions:

Mac Instructions

1. Open an Explorer window 1. Open System Preferences
2. Type \\pcmf-mgmt 2. Select Printers & Scanners
3. Double Click "PCMF C2504 PCL" 3. Click "+" at the bottom of the printer list
4. All done the printer is now installed 4. Select IP
  5. Enter "" into the address field
  6. Download and run the print driver

Many spaces in the OSU Portland Center are equipped with telephones.  For assistance in setting them up or telephone support, please contact OSU Telecom Services here:

Email Telecom

Technology Support
Submit Helpdesk Ticket

On-Site IT Support:

Portland Equipment Support Specialist: Albert Le (503) 273-4315

Student Support Technicians: Conner Barrows (503) 273-4315

For OSU Faculty and Staff: Connect to OSU_Secure and use your ONID credentials to gain access. 

For single sign-on and students: Connect to Visitor and a sign on will be required.

All policies for Oregon State University remain in effect for the OSU Portland Center.  This includes, but is not limited to, the following:

Discrimination and Harassment:  The University has policies for the prompt, fair and impartial resolution of complainants of prohibited discrimination.  This policy improves the University’s response to discrimination or harassment experienced by its students, and defines the process that must be followed when discrimination or harassment is disclosed.

Title IX Employee Reporting Responsibilities:  All members of the OSU community are required to promptly report an incident of gender discrimination, sexual harassment, sexual violence, dating or domestic violence, and stalking to the Title IX Coordinator or any faculty or staff member at the university.  The online reporting tool can be found here:  and can also be made by email at or phone at 541-737-3556. 

Mandatory Reporting of Child Abuse & Neglect:  Employees of Oregon higher education institutions are by law considered subject mandatory reporters of child abuse and neglect.  For a current and complete list of public or private officials who are mandatory reporters please refer to Oregon Revised Statute (ORS) 419B.005.  Resources surrounding this policy can be found here: